Department of Emergency & Trauma Care

Emergency Trauma care Technician provides urgent & critical treatment to the patients he can handle all types of medical & surgical emergencies as assistant to the doctors. He will respond as a first aid responder during “Golden hours”, “Stay & play”, “Scoop & run” at the time of life saving emergency.

Career Opportunities exist in various trauma centre, nursing homes, hospitals in Pvt/ Govt/ Semi Govt/Public Sector as Emergency Technician..


Duration of the Course2 years
Number of Seats available10
Eligibility CriteriaThe candidate must have completed age of 17 years of the age as on 31st December of the admission year. There is no maximum age limit for the Qualification.
1. 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics.
2. A candidate who has appeared in the examination of intermediate (science) is also eligible for entrance examination but must produce the mark sheet or certificate at the time of admission to the course.

Students shall be admitted once a year.
Syllabus Break-upFirst year(12 months)
Paper 1
1. General anatomy and physiology (cytology, histology,  osteology and only basic of all organ system of body).  
2. Only basics of relevant pathology, pharmacology& Microbiology.
Paper 2
1. Detailed Osteology of human body.  
2. Vital recording, first aid, bandaging and triage.  
3. Hand Hygiene & prevention of cross infection.  
4. Basic life Support (BLS) & Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
During first year, they should be there only as “Observers” in practical classes.
1.Basic Computer skills  
2.Basic English  
3. soft skill like – interpersonal relationship skill & Moral education  
Second year(12 months)
Paper 1
1.Only Relevant  Surgical & Medical Conditions (Relevant to  ETCT Technician).  
2.Nursing procedures like vital recording I.M/I.V/S.C injection, oxygen therapy, Nebulization, Catherisation, I.V. infusion, Ryle’s tubing.  
Paper 2
1.Various procedure done in emergency & critical units & drugs used.    
2.Basic of CSSD & Sterilization Practices, bio-medical waste management.  
3.Basic Bio-Medical & Engineering Physics of  Equipment & Instrument used in emergency & critical care.
•Hands on training of C-A-B of Trauma .
• Hands on training of safe transportation of various type of emergency patients.  
• Hands on training of care of a comatose patients.  
• Hands on training of various type of first aid & bandaging.  
• Hands on training of Nebulization , catherization, O2 inhalation, Nasogastric intubation, Glucometer.  
• Hands on training of Dressing & help in suturing. 
• Hands on training of assisting oro-pharyngeal intubation.
• Hands on training of assisting CVP line insertion.
•Hands on training of assisting Tracheostomy.
•Hands on training of dealing with various emergencies.
•Hands on training of documentation and consents etc.  
Medium of InstructionEnglish